How to Organize Yourself in Your Best Friend Marriage

The first thing that signifies your mind when you know about your friend’s engagement or about the marriage bell is the question of what you will wear during the ritual. Depending on the theme of the wedding, you can decide on which couture designer and couture jewelry will you attach. There are still more criteria such as jewelry trends in the market, similar neckline dresses decided by your group to be worn at the same time and over where you can organize yourself and make a glamorous appearance at engagement or marriage.

Trends never remain persistent. They keep changing from time to time and sometimes repeat themselves. There are a few essential things to know before pairing jewelry with a dress like the style, color, and budget and the way it is going to make you feel when you wear them. The styles of dresses are endless, so are the designs of designer gold, diamond and even artificial jewelry available to choose from. Let us check out the trending chunks in the market which are ideal for every bridesmaid this season to adorn and adore themselves in them.

Designer Earrings that are Trending

Cluster Studs> Whether you are styled in a neck or not, earrings are an essential part of any outfit. Wearing something different with every woman lovable clothes. Apart from traditional earring designs like gem studs, diamond droplets, chandeliers, many more patterns are being introduced lately. Cluster clusters are colored; studded with gems and diamonds and greatness compared to the usual size.

They are best suited with closed necklines of your Contemporary designer outfits like a designer blouse, maxi-dress or light party wear gowns. One can choose a diamond cluster too, which can be worn with any color of the outfit.

Cuffs> While everyone is busy wearing the retro style, be a different star in the sky by choosing cuffs that line up your ear with shimmer and catch the spotlight while you accompany your friend during rituals. They are ultimate style changes and are light-weight along with being stunning; you can manage up-doing of hair gracefully and flaunt your earrings elegantly.

Oversized Earrings> Have you ever tried long shoulder earrings? If not, what are you waiting for? This is a good time to take them out of your valuable collection or buy them if you do not have them since the best time to show them off. Long shoulder chains hanging from stud diamonds bring out the beauty of your face in different ways.

Go Vintage> The craze of floral and vintage elements is in trend these days. Antique jewelry is very heavy in weight and so most women hate wearing such heavy chunks, instead of with Ethnic Indian Attire, you can wear artistic jewelry designs which contain elements of nature like flowers and peacock, reflecting your inner playfulness with a colorful combination of your outfit.

These trinkets reflect your matching sense and are ideal to wear with truly traditional as well as Indian and Contemporary mix and match style too.

Statement Necklaces – pendant necklace> When all eyes are upon you, you must not miss a chance from making an everlasting impression in every eye looking upon you. Choose a diamond pendant necklace, not necessarily heavy studded with diamonds, but filigree design consisting of shimmering gems and intricate handcrafted patterns of precious metal will define your style in a unique manner.

Let these pendant necklaces define your style statement.

Cuff Bracelets> Loop style bracelets are very outdated for the young generation. Cuff Bracelets are in! Light-weight Diamond cuffs can match easily with any kind of Indian or Western outfits.

Crown> Do not miss hair accessories. You do not need to shop for diamond crowns just for your best friend’s wedding, but you can get a soft crown, either from gems or american diamonds. They will lift your appearance and give extra impression on your view.